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Private A Harper (Tain)

- Service No. 3014

Carnoy Military Cemetery

Private Alexander Harper, Royal Army Medical Corps, had served with the Cameron Highlanders in the Boer War and was recalled to the army at the start of WWI. Private Harper had been at the front since August 1914 serving as a stretcher bearer. Sergeant Hugh Macdonald writes home to Tain to tell of his death. “He was along with 5 others, who had spent all night bringing in the wounded. About 6 in the morning they went to sleep in a dugout which at 7.30 was hit by a shell, killing one and wounding Harper and three others. There was great hope for Harper’s recovery as he went of cheery and smoking a cigarette but died before he reached the hospital.” Alexander lived with his wife at 10 Murray Street Tain, he was one of three brothers who served with the army, their father also being an old soldier who had served with the Gordons. Remembered with Honour Carnoy Military Cemetery https://livesofthefirstworldwar.org/lifestory/1566932.