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Lieutenant P W Murray (Not known)

- Service No. N/A

Tain St. Duthus Churchyard

Lieutenant Philip Wolfe Murray was born at Tain. He was the second son of retired Commander Philip C. K. Wolfe Murray and Mrs Ellie Blanch Wolfe Murray who lived at Scotsburn Lodge near Tain.
Philip was studying forestry before he joined the Navy. He took on the role of interpreter and was serving on H.M.S. Alsation when he was wounded and invalided home. He died from his wounds three months later on 12th October, 1916 aged 25.
Lieutenant Wolfe Murray’s coffin was carried on a gun carriage drawn by a naval party to his resting place at St Duthus Cemetery, Tain. A firing party and bugler paid the last honours.

Remembered with Honour
Tain (St. Duthus) Cemetery.