Returning Rosses 2008

First through the Museum door this season, and a Ross as well, was Angela Cale with her husband Vince. They had travelled up from Kent with a family album full of photographs of Tain people and places. What a great way to start the year.

Vince & Angela


Barbara Kleiser and her husband Steve. Barbara's 3x great grandfather, John Ross, was a wincey-weaver of Kilmuir Easter.

Barbara & Steve Kleiser


Mr and Mrs John Banks and their daughter and son-in-law Mr and Mrs Cranefield made the journey to Tain from Surrey. Their connection to Clan Ross is through John's mother, Maud Andrews. Andrews is a sept of Clan Ross.


Andrew and Grace Ross made the journey to Tain from Adelaide, South Australia. This is their second visit.

Grace & Andrew


Karen Ross Huestis and her daughter-in-law Catherine visited from Canada. Karen has been tracing her Ross relatives.

Catherine & Karen


Janet Ross Macreery and Bo from the USA had a lovely visit in glorious sunshine.

Bo & Janet


John and Andrea Ross have been visiting from Cheshire. John has undertaken a lot of research to produce an impressive document showing his family tree.

John & Andrea


Derek Ross and Edi Johnson from North Berwick enjoyed their visit to Tain Through Time and the Museum.

Derek & Edi


Cousins Monica Brooks and Marjorie Macklam are seen here enjoying the sunshine and peace in the churchyard along with Monica's husband John and her daughter Joanne Blakeley. Their mutal grandfather was Alexander Ross from Helmsdale.

John, Monica, Marjorie & Joanne


Keith Hauser and Dagmar visited us in May. Keith's great great grandfather David Ross was a shop keeper at North Cadbol before emigrating, with his son David Samuel and wife Isabella, to Hamilton, Ontario in 1882.

Dagmar & Keith


It was lovely to meet George and Wil Ross when they called in to see us. They edit the Clan Ross website for the Netherlands

Wil & George


 The first returning Rosses for June are Larry and Linda from the USA. Their visit was made in glorious sunshine.

Larry & Linda


Val McDonnell and her husband Brendan travelled from New Zealand to see where Val's Ross ancestors once lived. In 1866 they walked from Helmsdale to Inverness where they boarded the Canterbury  to sail to a new life in New Zealand.

Val & Brendan

Len Ross and his wife, visiting from New Zealand, had only a short time to spend with us but hopefully they will manage back for a longer visit when we hold our clan gathering in August 2009

.Len Ross


Alain Ross and his family paid a visit to us recently.  Alain's ancestor William Ross was a born in Tain in 1732.  He joined the Fraser Highlanders and went to Canada in 1759.  William married a local French girl and made Canada his home.


Rex and Sally Ross brightened up a quiet afternoon with their visit to Tain Through Time. Rex's antecedent Colonel George Ross was one of the signatories of the American Declaration of Independence.  Colonel Ross was the  son of the Rev. George Ross, who was born at Balblair near Edderton, Ross-shire in 1679.  Rev Ross became one of the fathers of the Church of England in America. 

Colonel Ross was brother-in-law to the Betsy Ross who created the first American National Flag.

Rex underwent a double lung transplant three years ago and is Lung Mentor Coordinator of the Georgia Transplant Foundation.

Sally and Rex


 Shortly after Sally and Rex's visit, Jill Iles from south Australia called in.  Jill's grandfather Geoffrey Ross emigrated to Australia from Manchester.



Dave and Trish Ross from New Zealand made a flying visit to see us.  Dave is very proud of his Scottish heritage and celebrates Scottish festivals by playing Scottish music in his chemist shop and having his staff wear tartan!



It was lovely to meet Linda Ross and her daughter Cynthia who were visiting from Florida. They are hoping to come back in August 2009 for our Clan Gathering.

Linda & Cynthia


Stephan Ross and his wife Joanne from Oregon, USA called in to see us on their trip to Scotland. Stephan is tracing his roots and enjoyed seeing his ancestors homeland.

Stehan & Joanne


Nativitat Tuloch Casases and her family visited us today. They made the journey to Scotland from Barcelona, Spain. Nativitat has been tracing her family roots and was surprised to find that one of her ancestors came from Scotland in the 18th century. The Tullochs are a sept of Clan Ross.

Mr Casases, Anna, Carla & Nativitat


Kevin Ross, along with his wife Lynne, son Cameron and daughter Emma are visiting from Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire. Cameron, a keen fiddler has promised to come back for the Clan Ross Gathering in August 2009 and play at the ceilidh.

Lynne, Emma, Kevin & Cameron


Andrew, Alison, William and Amelia Ross from West Sussex made the trip north to Tain. Their ancestor, William Ross, was a gaoler here in about 1800.

Andrew, Alison, William & Amelia


Duncan, Heather, Lyndsey and Caroline Smith from Dundee and Upminster called in to see us today. Duncan has done a lot of work on his family tree and traced his ancestor, John Ross, a sailmaker, to Leith around 1842. He hasn't made the connection to this area yet but he's working on it.

Heather, Caroline, Duncan & Lyndsey


Ian Ross is making a return visit to Tain and Glen Calvie on his holiday from Melbourne, Australia. His 3x great grandfather, Alexander Ross, was transported to Australia in 1817. Ian has a fantastic story to tell about his ancestor which we hope we can share with you soon.

Ian Ross


Alexander and Elisabet Ros from Amsterdam are spending their honeymoon in the Highlands. Alexander is enjoying seeing where his ancestors came from.

Alexander & Elisabet 



Hugh Ross is visiting the Highlands from Australia. His grandfather and his great grandfather (Alexander) worked in Tain in the leather trade.

Hugh Ross


Frances Rose from USA is seen here with her brother-in-law Alvin Crocker. Frances is the sister of Patricia and John William and their mother is Emma Ross. Emma's father was born in Cape Breton Island in the 1880's

.Alvin & Francis


John Ross from Cheshire has made his second journey north this year, this time with his brother Peter. They are already making plans for the Clan Ross Gathering in August 2009. John has also promised to send us some stories  he has gathered as a result of extensive research on his family tree.

Peter & John


Angus and Margaret Ross from Cambuslang, Glasgow, called in to see us. Angus's ancestor was a merchant in Inverness before the family moved to the West then Glasgow way.

Margaret & Angus


Melissa Graham Ross and Iain Stevens from Surrey enjoyed finding out more about Clan Ross on their visit to the Museum.

Iain & Melissa


Del and Cathy Slaugh from Colorado, USA, called in for a visit on a very cold, wet, October afternoon. Del is tracing his MacTaggart ancestors (a sept of Clan Ross).

Del & Cathy


On Friday 31st of October we closed for the season but not before we were visited by Andrew and Jeanette Ross all the way from New South Wales, Australia. Andrew's ancestors shipped out to Australia from Inverness.

Andrew & Jeanette


Christopher Ross visited from Australia in the autumn of 2007 with his wife Jennifer (who also has Ross ancestors). They sent this picture which we promised to post.

Chris and Morag

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