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Tarlogie House

Tarlogie House was one of a number of large houses in or near Tain.
Picture added on 05 April 2004
My family lived in this house for about 40 years so I know a fair bit about Tarlogie. I believe that this picture actually predates 1897 as I believe that this is when the local architects Maitlands carried out "extensive alterations". These alterations were funded by the then owner Peter MacKenzie, styled Count De Serra Largo to celebrate his son's 21st birthday. The front (and majority of the original building) was demolished in 1966. It's frontage was very different to that in the photo and I do have a photo of this if you are interested. It looked less Georgian and much more Victorian with a central tower, bay windows and balustrades. We so loved this house as children and it has a very special place in my heart.
Added by Elizabeth Sangster on 21 September 2005
My grandmother Ellen Georgiana Law (nee Rose, born 1869 in Inverness) lived here in the late 1800's. Her grandfather Major Hugh Munroe St. Vincent Rose of Glastullich and afterwards Tarlogie (born 1800, died 1862) bought Tarlogie. Her father Major Hugh Law Rose of Tarlogie JP DL Seaforth Highlanders (born 1837 in Frankfurt, died 1892) brought the family up there. There used to be a loch and I have a hand-tinted colour photograph of my great grandfather Hugh Rose sitting on a shooting punt accompanied by four dogs. The rear of the photograph is printed with the name of J. COLLIER PHOTOGRAPHER INVERNESS. I understand that the seat of the Rose clan is at Kilravoch Castle, situated near Nairn.
Added by Yvette Wyatt on 29 October 2005
My first time to Tarlogie was on my honey moon in 1965.The house was the orignal than.My grandparents lived there then.It was so beautiful.I would like to see a picture of it than.Thanks Elizabeth for the memories. Added by Jerona Rioux 18 feb. 2006
Added by Jerona Rioux Brampton Ontario on 17 February 2006
When I was 9 years old, I visited my Great Grandmother (Elizabeth Jean (Thom) Sangster)
who still lived in Tarlorie House, just outside of Tain, in September of 1974. I, along with my cousins, Ray and Brian, played and biked around the House and surrounding area. It was a very memorable 3 weeks that I will never forget. I travelled there with my mother and her parents and was amazed at the beautiful fields and countryside. My mother and her mother were born in the cottage just behind Tarlogie House. I remember my Great Uncle Frank used to raise cornish hens in the yard and there was a giant tree (oak I believe) growing next to the House. There was a large spiral staircase to the left of the entrance, a long hallway with many rooms, most with their own fireplaces. There was a small church in the basement and my Uncle Reynolds had a storage room for his fishing gear. There was so much to see for a young country boy from Newfoundland. I'll never forget my visit there.
Added by Ashley Phillips on 26 February 2006
I visited and stayed at Tarlogie in 1979. I went to visit my great-grandmother and other family members. We had lots of fun hiding out in nooks and scaring each other. My cousins liked to play tricks on others. I went to Scotland with my grandmother Janet, my aunt and great aunt Liz. It is one of the greatest places. I'd get up with granny and cook toast on the wood stove and eat the best scrambled eggs. I loved tea time. Couldn't get enough shortbread. Lots of fun, Elizabeth.
Added by Virginia(Phillips)Duffenais on 26 February 2006
I believe Peter Mackenzie was an agent for singer sewing machines and was nephew to George Mackenzie a one time president of the singer sewing machine company. Like many other Singer presidents he accumalated his wealth through his involvement with the company. Both George and then Peter were titled Count de Serra Largo. Does anyone know if they had links to other Mackenzies from Tain.
Added by Lisa McMurray on 17 January 2009
Further to my above comment I have a correction, it Was Edward and Peter who were titled Count de Serra Largo, not George and Peter. I assume Edward and George may have been brothers.
The following link is a newspaper article from 1892 regarding Georges will. Don't forget to put the http bit in front of the address.
The singer sewing machine site also offers information about these folks.
Added by Lisa McMurray on 18 January 2009
My parents Albert and Edna Pierce worked at the Lion Mansions Hotel in Brighton, (now part of the Royal Albion Hotel)the 1920s. They were secretly married in 1931 and my brother was born in 1934. The Count and Countess were guests at the hotel. They sent my parents a letter from Tarlogie House of congratulation to my parents on their marriage and enclosed a 1 wedding gift. The letter was sent to Mr and Mrs Pierce at an addresss in Steine Gardens, Brighton and caused a family rift as my grandmother, Mrs Pierce was not aware of the marriage. My parents kept the letter which I remember reading, but this was lost in a burglary in 1999. Just a little history.

Added by David Pierce on 11 March 2009
Wonderful photo. My great-great-great grandfather, George Hood, was the joint tacksman of the Tarlogie estate in the 1830s and 1840s and was living there with his wife and family at the time of the 1841 census. When he died in 1846 leaving his wife with six young children she stayed on and continued to manage the farm until the 1850s when she returned to her native Durham. Their daughter, my great-great grandmother, was born at the house in 1842 and I have a picture of her. Cheers.
Added by Stefan on 20 October 2009
How strange to come across this website for the place that I was born and where my family spent fifty years as caretakers. My whole childhood was based at this wondefurful home.
Added by Caroline Sangster on 07 November 2010
My father, George McKenzie Clunie, and his mother, a Mackenzie came from Tarlogie and lived in a large house. Does anyone know if she was part of this Mackenzie family? I realise that it is a common name in the Highlands, but any information would be most welcome.
Added by Doug Clunie on 10 December 2010
My family moved to The Forestry Commission Village at Tarlogie in 1951, when my father worked for the Commision. I remember the children of the village went to Church at "The Big House' every week, memories come flooding back of summers eating wild raspberries, brambles and who could forget the seemingly long treck between the Rhodedendrums. The brook I remember as a six year old had disappeared when I returned for a visit in 1996, turning into a little burn. I remember the Sangsters, whom if my memory serves me right were the oversee'rs of the forrestry, The Beggs, the Rosses, and the walk to the bus stop to catch the school bus. As my family came from Glasgow, we were considered the outsiders, but what memories when I returned and stood outside the cottage we lived in, looking up at the attic window which had been my bedroom.
Added by Kay Campbell nee Blain, Australia on 20 March 2011
I currently live in what would have been one of the houses on the estate. I would love to know more about the houses and the estate. I've been trying to find out information for a number of years but can find little so any further photos would be great.
Added by Hazel Hay on 03 October 2011
Hi Hazel, My Great uncle was looking after the estate and my mom and her brother and sister were born in one of the houses in the row. The last one looking to the right. Not sure if she has a photo. I will check. They then moved to Canada.
Added by Virginia Duffenais on 04 October 2011
Elizabeth Sangster is my great grandmother and I've heard of Tarlogie house before, but I dont remember seeing pictures of it. I'd love to go up there and see it first-hand. It was a nice surprise to google my family and see comments posted by Virginia and Jerona. I've now found the best way to spend class time.
Added by Kelly Benoit on 23 December 2011
Elizabeth Sangster is my mother.She has told us all many stories about the house and one great story was that our sister Cecile was born there in 1944.We have beautiful pictures of the house and it's grounds.
Added by Jeannette St.laurent on 10 August 2014
I have a autograph book from 1900 it has Cecil James Mackenzie tarlogie house Tain, does anyone no anything about him
Added by Julie scott on 01 January 2020
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