Articles from Tain & District Museum

The Tain Chapmen 1697

An extract from the Tain and Balnagown Documents regarding Chapmen from Tain. The unfortunate traders complain to the court in Tain that they have been left in debt after being attacked and robbed whilst travelling in Clan Mackay territory.

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Small Pox, Sugar and Chocolate

An interesting letter to Lady Pitcalnie from Elizabeth Mackenzie, dated 1757, with a very early reference to inoculation in the Highlands. This was likely for smallpox, which according to the Statistical Accounts for Tarbat, "carried off 75 children" in 1756.

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A Jacobite in Exile, Clemency for Pitcalnie’s son

Two letters between Colquhoun Grant (pictured) and Lady Pitcalnie, which were written in 1757, concerning the possibility of raising a Company of soldiers in return for a pardon for the exiled Jacobite Malcolm Ross.

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A Jacobite in Exile, The Last Letters

The Pitcalnie Papers: the last two letters sent between Malcolm Ross and his stepmother Naomi Ross, Lady Pitcalnie. Malcolm's letter was sent from Dunkirk in France on January 26th, 1762 shortly before his death, Naomi's reply was likely never received by Malcolm.

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The Highland Dress 1752

A letter from Thomas Ross of Calrossie (pictured) to Alexander Ross of Pitcalnie. Thomas writes concerned, that if the tenants at Kincardine continue to wear the Highland Dress at 'Kirk and Mercat', it will result in a visit from the 'Troops.'

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A Jacobite in Exile

Malcolm Ross of Pitcalnie, who was wounded at the Battle of Little Ferry, writes to his father the chief of Clan Ross whilst in exile in Rotterdam.

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