Articles from Tain & District Museum

Tragedy at Fearn Abbey

A harrowing article from the Ipswich Journal reporting on the collapse of the roof of Fearn Abbey during a service.

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A Flight from Tain in 1944

A first-hand account from Bert Hunt, the Flight Engineer, of a Liberator from 86 Squadron RAF Tain, attacking and successfully sinking U/Boat 317.

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The King's man and the Clans, 1587.

An account, from the Privy Council Records, of a large number of the Munro and Ross Clansmen being denounced rebels for breaking up a Baron Court being held by, King James VI's Ambassador, Sir William Keith of Delny.  

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Unfreemen of Tain

An extract from the Acts of the Lords of Council from 1501, detailing complaints by the Royal Burgh of Inverness against Tain's ancient rights of Sanctuary.

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Pugh or Alexander Munro

An article from the Ross-shire Journal by Robert Ross in Ballarat Australia regarding Pugh one of Tain's 19th-century 'celebrities'.

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The Harpers Legend

An epic old poem on Cadbol Castle, where no one could die, and the story of poor old broken-hearted Lady Mey.

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