Articles from Tain & District Museum

Court Martial 1783

These pages from our 71st Highlanders Orderly Book reveal the harsh sentences handed out at a military Court Martial held #OTD in 1783 during the American Wars of Independence. Three men are sentenced to death for Mutiny and Desertion while others receive 1000 or 500 lashes of the whip.

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A strange sound at Nigg

A report in the newspaper from April of 1842 tells of "Strange Sound" being heard at Nigg a place infamous for its death lights, wraiths and mysterious noises that were often said to foretell "a drowning."

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James Ross of Sudbury

A short account of the life of James Ross a prisoner from the Battle of Worcester who was sold at auction in Boston, New England, in 1652.

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The Battle of Culrain

On the 2nd of March, 1820, attempts to serve the tenants of Culrain with notices of removal broke out into violence. Although obviously biased this letter ‘from a correspondent in Tain’ gives us some details of the incident.

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Free Church Masonic Ceremony

An article from the John o' Groat Journal describes the masonic ceremony carried out while laying the foundation stone of the old Free Church in Tain in late August of 1843.

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