Articles from Tain & District Museum

Flogging an Unruly Boy

Robert Ross writes from Australia concerned that Tain teachers may be 'prohibited from flogging an unruly boy'.

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Going To America 1773

The following transcription is part of an incomplete letter found in the documents of the Rosses of Pitcalnie and was likely written by Naomi Ross, widow of Alex Ross of Pitcalnie. The letter clearly explains her fears for the people and suggests the tenants at Corromulie (likely Corriemulzie in Kincardine) were already considering leaving for America.

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The Rosses of Glencalvie

An article by John Robertson on his visit to Glencalve in June of 1844 shorty before the Glen was cleared for sheep.

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The Loss of an Earldom

The following is a translation of a Petition addressed by William Earl of Ross to King Robert II., in which he states the circumstances of his being deprived of his estates in Buchan, and of the earldom of Ross passing to Walter Leslie, the husband of his daughter, instead of to his brother and heir-male Hugh. It is dated Edinburgh, 24th June 1371.

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Fancy Bread

During the summer of 1889, the Royal Burgh of Tain was overrun with criminals. The local authorities were left with little option but to act. Morning raids were made on several premises, in late June, resulting in most of the town bakers being arrested and the shocking discovery of some 'Fancy Bread.'

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Tain Breweries

A look a the History of Brewing Ale in Tain by Margaret Urquhart.

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