Articles from Tain & District Museum

4th Seaforth's at Neuve Chapelle

A personal letter to Major Ian Forsyth from Captain I.N.Fraser, describing his memories of the military action at Neuve Chapelle on the Western Front.

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Letter of Slains

The Chief of the Ross Clan pays 'blood money' after his kinsmen commit a double murder in Tain in November of 1583.

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The Russians of Ross-shire

'The Russians of Ross-shire' or the Massacre of the Rosses. A pamphlet by Donald Ross concerning the Clearances at Greenyards in 1854.

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Holding the Chief to Account

In June of 1676, David Ross the Laird of Balnagown and Chief of the Ross Clan attacked and 'cut with his whinger' his kinsman Walter Ross. A legal agreement in the Pitcalnie Paper records a meeting at Tain, the following month, where the Ross Clansmen bring their Chief to account by threatening 'to withdraw from following or serving him'.

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