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James Ross of Sudbury

A short account of the life of James Ross a prisoner from the Battle of Worcester who was sold at auction in Boston, New England, in 1652.

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The King's man and the Clans, 1587.

An account, from the Privy Council Records, of a large number of the Munro and Ross Clansmen being denounced rebels for breaking up a Baron Court being held by, King James VI's Ambassador, Sir William Keith of Delny.  

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The Conflict of Bealach-na-Broige

A short account of the Battle of 'Bealach nam Broig' where the Munro and Dingwall Clans were said to have won a 'sorrowful victory' which resulted in the deaths of both their chiefs.

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The Chapter House and School

This Decree of Council from James VI in 1588 ordered Alexander Ross of Balnagown, under pain of rebellion, to return the Chapter House and School of the St Duthac Collegiate Church.

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George Ross of Balnagown denounced a Rebel.

In 1589 James Dunbar of Tarbat complained to the Privy Council of James VI, accusing George Ross of Balnagown of attempting to kill him with a pistol and continually 'molesting' his tenants.

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