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Prayers for the King

The Collegiate Church in Tain was not just home to the relics of St Duthus but also a Royal Chantry where masses were said for many of the kings and Queens of Scotland.

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A View of the Old Church

A view and description of the closed and unused St Duthac's Collegiate Church as it was in the early 19th century.

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Tain Papal Bull

Issued,17th July 1492 by Pope Innocent VIII and signed by Cardinal Secretary Alexander Farnese, who later became Pope Paul III. This Papal Bull granted St Duthac’s Church in Tain official permission to become a Collegiate Church.

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Kingscauseway - What’s in a name?

Kingscauseway is now merely a name on a map of Tain parish. In this article, Liz Sutherland looks at who the King was and why a causeway was named after him.

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