'Roar like Lion'

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An article from the Ross-shire Journal, 23rd August 1895, about one of "Tain's Worthies" John Banks.

"Roar like Lion"

Breach of the Peace-Before Bailie Munro, in the Burgh Police Court on Saturday, James Black, a half-witted tramp, popularly known here as “John Banks,” pleaded guilty to a charge of being drunk and disorderly on the High Street on Friday, when he got well filled with strong drink, and, imagining he was a lion, he got anchored on to a lamppost, where he roared like a wild beast till foam fell from his mouth. On the appearance of Inspector Cameron, he, however, soon became a lamb, and marched quietly up to “the office.”

On Saturday he got off for 2s 6d, or 48 hours, on condition that he should at once leave the town. He paid and left, but, before leaving the court, he acknowledged the leniency of the bench, and said, “Thank you, your honour, I’m much obliged; I got thirty days at Inverness for breaking a street of windows.” Amidst the laughter this remark evoked, the court rose.