Meteorite Crashes into Edderton Hill

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An article from The North Star and Farmers Chronicle reporting of a meteorite exploding over Tain and crashing into Edderton Hill on the 8th of October 1903. 



A meteorite fell on the hills near Edderton on Saturday forenoon between 11 and 12 o'clock. A tremendous explosion, followed by one or two lesser and rumbling reports, startled not only the people in the vicinity but those for miles around, as far north as Golspie and Rogart, east as Tarbatness and south as Saltburn and Invergordon and Alness.

Several people who were proceeding to Edderton station saw a blinding flash over the hills, and a woman living in Portmahomack says that she saw what appeared to be a ball of fire burning over Tain. In Portmahomack, Fearn, Nigg and Tain, windows shook and doors rattled. Some thought it was thunder, others that it was an earthquake.

A Rogart correspondent writes:—a couple of very loud reports, almost merging into one another, were heard in the Rogart district on Saturday. They occurred at 11.32 a.m. There was a distinct vibration, and the writer, who was standing on the Rogart railway platform at the time, could only compare the vibration to that made by a heavy goods train. The surface men working on the line state that there was a rumbling sound after the report, and it appeared to be travelling along the valley of the Fleet in the direction of Lairg.

The reports were also heard at Golspie. Some rain was falling at the time, and the sky was overcast, but the temperature was cooler than for some time back. A distinct shock was felt in the hotel.

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