The Kidnap of Murdo McRory 1607

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A petition by Thomas Ross regarding a violent dispute between the Rosses of Shandwick and Rarichie.

Petition by Thomas Ross in Playdis, and Johne Hectorsoun and Murdo McRory, his servitors.

On 15th May Inst, Johne Ross of Easter Rarichie, accompanied by Thomas McGilliefader, Donald Thomson, and others, “all bodin in fair of weir,” came to the petitioner's part of the lands of Easter Rarichie, where his said servant, “Hector.” was ploughing, and with their “Lochaber axes fellit him dead to the ground,” and then with “drawin swordis and durkis gaif him diverse great straickis upoun the head,” and left him “lyand for dead.” 

Also, on the 23rd of the same month, Andre Ross of Sandy Vege, brother of the said Johne, with a number of others, armed as above, came to the petitioner’s dwelling house in Rarichie, violently took thence the said Murdo McRory, carried him captive to his house of Sandyveig, where he is still detained and withal carried off a great number of his cattle and other goods. 

Petitioners crave summons against the said persons and also production of the said Murdo.—-[On the back] Apud Edinburgh July 1607. Fiat ut pelitur. (Signed) P. Rollok.”