Dr Elizabeth Ross, Letter from Serbia, 11th Feb. 1915

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A letter to Lucy Ross from the Scottish Women's Hospitals, informing her that her sister Elizabeth has become ill with Typhus whilst working in Serbia.

Scottish Women’s hospital



11th February 1915

Dear Lucy,


            You will be wondering where we are & how things are going with us. I expect you know by this time that your sister is in the same town as we are but has been working in a different hospital. She was asked by the Serbian Government to do work in one of the fever hospitals here, where doctors have been very hastily needed. 

She offered to take over the Typhus Wards & I am sorry to say she had only been working in them for about a week, when she took typhus herself. She is now at her 10th day or 11th day of illness & is pretty weak but her doctor hopes she will have enough strength to carry her through the crisis. She is in the hands of the doctor of the hospital who is a very good man & is being nursed by two of our nurses who have taken on the nursing of her day and night. 

I have seen her several times since she took ill & the day before yesterday when I saw her last she seemed a little better. I hope to see her today again. She asked me to write to you & let you know about her…

She has been very plucky indeed & was working against great odds in hospital. In the meantime, she is being well looked after & I will write again & let you know how she is. I do hope she will be over the worst in a few days. She had been wondering why she had not heard from home for some time now. A letter arrived from your mother yesterday which will have relieved her mind.

I hope you are all well. I have been wondering if you have had any further word about going abroad. I am addressing this to your aunt in Galashiels as I haven’t any idea where you or your mother is. I hope your sister who was ill is keeping better. We are having a busy time here but I will write you later & tell you all about things.

With much love



Kathie MacPhail