Dr Elizabeth Ross, Postcard from Serbia, 25th Jan 1915.

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A letter from Helen McDougal describing the terrible conditions that Dr Elizabeth Ross faced in Serbia.

Dated the 25th of January this is perhaps the last Postcard Dr Ross sent before she tragically fell ill in Serbia, it is typically understated, only telling her sister 'very busy here, do write.' 

A letter from a Miss Helen McDougall, writing from the Scottish Women's Hospital in Serbia, describing the terrible conditions that Dr Elizabeth Ross faced.

"We met Dr Ross on her way upcountry at Nish; as one of our doctors knew her well, she spent quite a While with us in the evening while we were there... She used frequently to come over and have tea with our unit and tell us all about her work. We all got so interested and I must say appalled that one after another we went over to see her typhus block. One afternoon another member of the unit and I went and we shall never forget our visit...It would be very difficult to realise the terrible odds against which this brave woman was fighting and I may say her one cry was how little she was able to do. When we went in, she welcomed us warmly but was very loath to show us round. Again and again, she said, "Are you sure you are not afraid?" When we were leaving, I turned and said to her, "Oh Dr Ross, how can you go on here?" She only answered, "Six of the doctors are down and who would look after them if I left?”… A few days after this we heard she was down."