Dr Elizabeth Ross, Letters from Persia, Nov. 1912.

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A letter from Dr Elizabeth Ross, sent to her sister Jane in Madras, informing her of coming to visit Madras.

Bank House


My Dear Jane,

            I am very sorry I have not been able to let you know my plans. But it was very difficult to leave Shiraz we might have had to delay considerably, as the road was strongly held by tribesmen. I put down as Dr. to the Persian Gendarme. I am sorry if it has been inconvenient to you but it was impossible to let you know. I am leaving here on the 16th for Bombay.

I am coming to Madras by steamer & arriving Dec. 19th.

If you have any objections my address is 

            C/O Cox & Co  


            Hornby Rd.


I think their telegraph address Cox of Bombay. I have good reason for going by sea which I will explain later.

Remember me to your Doctor.



I am staying here with Miss Wright who was a missionary.