Dr Elizabeth Ross, Letter from Serbia, 15th Feb. 1915

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A letter to Lucy Ross informing her that her sister Elizabeth had died of typhus on the 14th of February.

Scottish Women’s Hospital



15th Feb 1915

Dear Lucy,

            I am very sorry to write to tell you that your sister Tibbie died yesterday morning at 1.a.m in hospital. I wrote you a few days ago telling you she was ill & after that she got gradually weaker. The doctor hoped her strength would hold out for a day or two longer, till the crisis calmed but the day before yesterday her throat began to trouble her & complicated things. I am glad to say she died very peacefully & after her death looked happy. She talked a great deal about you all during her illness & was relieved & comforted to get your mothers letter. The doctor in hospital was very kind to her & gave her every attention & she was nursed day and night by two of our own nurses. She seemed glad to be nursed by Scotch nurses & they seemed to bring her more in touch with home. I saw her several times & always she was cheerful & glad that she had done work of such awful necessity.

K. MacPhail.