Dr Elizabeth Ross, Letters from Persia, March 1910

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A letter from Dr Elizabeth Ross, sent to her sister Jane in Madras, telling of her she has left her job to go and work with the chiefs of the Bakhtiari.


C/O Imperial Bank of Persia



My Dear Jane,

            Thank you very much for your last letter & the stamps. I will send you a few in this letter or very shortly. Thank you also for paying for the book.

            I have left Dr Aginoor as he refused to give me any holidays, the chiefs asked me to come up here, so I have been here about a week, it is great fun as there is no European anywhere. I am getting a lot of patients. I have two servants with me & a Persian Dispenser boy.

            How are you getting on, all the missionaries at Isfahan are getting married? A new doctor came out & within two months was engaged. The worst of this place is that there are no posts or regular means of communication. We have to depend on chance ??, so I have no idea when this letter will reach you.

            I suppose you are very busy with your school at present. How many years does it take to teach a girl for a B.A. there?

            I was staying in the hospital with Dr Stewart lately for two or three weeks before I came up here, this is a big place with they say so few people but it does not seem to be worked properly in any way.

            Write soon and tell me all that you are doing. Did I tell you I met Marjorie Paterson’s brother on his way to Isfahan about xmas time, he is a very nice man. Today is no auz, the first festival of the Persians. I don’t know if you have it but I expect so. Have you anything to do with Allah ?? or is it just Hindoos, I always get mixed up. The people up here speak quite a different kind of Persian.

            Dr & Mrs Car passed through here yesterday on their way back to Isfahan after three months touring.


E. N. MacBean Ross