Dr Elizabeth Ross, Letters from Persia, December 1907

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A letter from Dr Elizabeth Ross, sent to her mother in Tain, telling of her arrival at Julfa, modern-day Iran, where she will work for the next few years.


Wednesday 11/12/07

My Dear Mamma,

            I am writing this week on Wednesday because for some reason the post does not go till Thursday. You see we arrived all right in spite of various alarms by the way. Our guard deserted for some reason – but nothing happened.

            This is a magnificent place much like a palace than anything else, every room has its walls decorated with wonderful paintings on the plaster, they are about 100 hundred years old I believe & were done in the time of the Dr’s Great grandfather but are quite fresh yet. There are three courtyards & every room has a separate stair and entrance. I have a sitting room, bedroom & dressing room & roof canopies & also a large day room. My sitting room is larger than your dining room & dressing room put together & is beautifully furnished with ancient Persian carpets.           

There are one or two utility rooms, one for the Persian, one for the Armenians etc. There were first used when the bride & bridegroom arrived, a long ?? ?? ?? came from the ?? to ??? them, headed by the Dr’s three dispensers on horseback. There was a great family dinner after.

            The Dr’s mother is an invalid & always in bed but his sister keeps house. She has a tremendous practice ????

            Please send my Burroughs & Welcome book as soon as possible, I was disappointed not to find my large forceps in my box. I hope they are in the other, if not please send them by parcel post, addressed to Dr Agaunor as soon as possible. Our luggage upset twice on the war, so the ??? do not look as nice as they aught.

            Prince Doblice, the Russian consul & his daughter called on Sunday, they seem very nice. After we went to tea at Mr Stanton’s the head of the telegraph which seems to be a very important post here. They have invited us to dinner on New Year’s night.

            I have also made the acquaintance of the Armenian Bishop & the R. C. guests but have not seen the missionaries yet. 


E. N. MacBean Ross

Mary was the only one of my sisters from I found a letter waiting me on arrival. Send North Stars & if possible, one saying about my appointment, Dr Wants to see it.